David's training at BTA

Today was the last day of David’s 2-month stay at our academy. We are happy to see his improvement and wish him all the best on his tennis journey!

Our academy offers monthly tennis training programmes for individuals for any length of time between 1 month to 6 months. Each training programme is specifically tailored to each individual player’s ability, age, goals and potential. 

Monthly programmes are a great opportunity for players to work on these technical aspects which call for more attention and to quickly test themselves in match play. Players have more time to adjust to the new conditions and regularly put into practice what they work on during technical work with coaches.

Players on a monthly programme can also join tournaments near the academy to add competition to their daily afternoon match play at the academy.

All players who attend a monthly stay at the academy are given a final report at the end of their stay, which assesses their ability, areas of improvement and aspects of their game to work on for the future.