BTA Weekly Programmes

  • personalised tennis training

  • personalised tennis training with language courses

  • 1 week to 3 weeks

Our short-stay tennis programmes

The Barcelona Tennis Academy offers short-stay training programmes for individuals for any length of time between 1 week to 3 weeks. Each training programme is specifically tailored to each individual player’s ability, ambition and potential. If a player wishes to stay for longer than 3 weeks, we recommend they consider enrolling in our monthly or annual programmes. Players are given the same personalised attention from our staff regardless of the length of their stay. They will receive coaching from the Barcelona Tennis Academy Director and coaches and be given an opportunity to engage in match play with other Academy players where possible and suitable. All players who attend a short-stay at the Barcelona Tennis Academy are given a final report at the end of their stay, which assesses their ability, areas of improvement and aspects of their game to work on for the future.

BTA Weekly Camps

Tennis and languages: Learn a language while you improve your tennis

The Barcelona Tennis Academy also offers combined tennis and languages programmes so you can learn a language while you improve your game. We offer language lessons with qualified private teachers in either Spanish, English or French. Language courses may be intensive (2 hours per day) or standard (1 hour a day) and are given individually or in groups. The lessons will be fitted around your training schedule and will take place at our facilities, usually at lunch time or following the afternoon training session at the end of the day. Fees may vary depending on the number of hours you request and are combined within your training package. 




  • high season - 1 April-3 November

  • low season - 4 November-31 December; 1 January-31 March

Getting the ball up from the racquet right away, playing from low to high to create a higher trajectory and more topspin.
Our coach Sixto pushing hard Daniel and Salome during the morning session.
Our director Raphael working with Atticus on the backhand




“I can’t believe it has been a year since my first camp at BTA. This was in the early stages of my recovery from HSP disease, my 3 camps there helped in the process of getting me back where I am today. Thanks to Raphael Maurer and his team for making these trips so memorable. I hope to get back out there when it is next possible. I feel I have come a long way since then!

I always learn and develop so much when I have trained with the team Barcelona Tennis Academy. I would highly recommend a training block at BTA”

Samuel Rayner