Special Roger Federer moments

Roger Federer is a tennis genius. He has just won his 100th ATP title and we just can’t stop thinking how lucky a generation we are to get to see this guy on the court and witness directly his remarkable career.

Writing about what makes him special should be the easiest thing to do. Tons of words have been written about his inimitable technique, the out-of-this-world shots that he invents on the court, his never-ending tennis records, his wonderful manners and class on and off the court. Also there is lots of talk about the GOATS and numerous discussions what makes a tennis player the GOAT and who’s the one.

For us what makes a player special is how they touch you on a personal level. If they are able to tug at your heart strings, amazing things will happen and they will occupy this special place regardless of all the criteria. So there can be lots of GOATs and for sure Roger Federer is an unquestionable one.

For a Roger Federer fan, there is lots of special moments that will never be forgotten. Everyone has their own to remember and cherish.

In 2006 when he won his second Australian Open title against Marcos Baghdatis in a stunner of a final, at the trophy ceremony we could watch one of the toughest competitors of all time burst into floods of tears. It is difficult to forget this emotion coming from the player who on the court looks like a machine for winning, with the air of perfection around him that is beyond the reach of ordinary humans. Roger Federer has never been hiding his emotion and in these moments we could see what a real passion looks like and how much you need to care to lift yourself to this level. It takes a true love and in these touching moments Roger Federer has shown us how extraordinary is his.

Another huge moment has to be the 2011 semi-final of the French Open, in which Roger became the only player to defeat the unbeatable at the time Novak Djokovic, ending the Serb’s winning streak of 41 straight wins. It was probably the best match of that year and Federer’s reaction after the match unforgettable. The only man then that managed to do the undoable. 

That kind of fire within, the desire to want something more than anyone else and fight for it with unmatched intensity is what it takes to be the greatest.

And what are your special Roger Federer moments? We bet that you have a couple.

Photo credits: Roger Federer’s official Instagram account www.instagram.com/rogerfederer